Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review & Swatch: MAC Earthly Harmony Nail Lacquer

This color, is from MAC's Fall/ Winter collection with Jin Soi. All the colors are beautiful, and in the website's swatches they all appear to have specs of glitter. Earthly Harmony is described as a frost, muted taupe with shimmer. In person, the color is more greyish taupe and the shimmers are only noticeable in direct sunlight. It also is not much of a frost, but rather a cream color. As for the formula, I really am impressed. I have always heard negative comments about their formula. I am not sure if it has changed but it's a great consistency and creamy. I also, think it dries fast which is a good thing. I hate nail polishes that take forever to dry. I have to say I am in love with color and it will probably be my every day fall color. Don't be fooled by the swatch on the site, you can't see the glitter. That being said, I do recommend this nail polish if you are looking for a great grey or taupe nail polish.

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