Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Split Ends Go Home

Does anyone else have the constant problem of getting split ends? I do not know what it is about me that makes split ends so attracted to my hair. I've been good to my hair for about a year and a half now. I refrained from dying my hair, using heat on it on daily basis, and I've limited my use of hair products. I did all this in the hopes that my hair could grow longer and healthier. Unfortunately, I've had no luck and I am tossing the idea around of getting extensions. In the meantime, I began taking fish pills, and instead of going to a salon for a bi-monthly trim, I am cutting my own split ends. I know that sounds crazy and desperate but it's not as difficult as it may sound but it is time consuming. I remember two years ago my hair stylist told me how to do it. So I decided to share this easy How-To: Trim Your Split Ends tutorial with you, if you are prone to split ends like me. First you need sharp scissors, and make sure it's a pair that you will use to cut hair only. If the scissors are dull, they can actually cause you to get more split ends. Trust me I learned this the hard way. Second, keep in mind this method of trimming your split ends is most effective if you do it on a weekly basis, may be even try it every other day. I do not recommend you wait a month or two because by then your split ends maybe one-two inches long. I usually trim my ends, when I am watching t.v or reading a book. Anyway, the next thing you want to do depending on the thickness of your hair is section off your hair about one fourth an inch or half an inch wide and then you are going twist it to its ends. You will see all the split ends sticking out, you can go ahead and cut them. Once you are done with that, the last step is to ttwist the strand in the opposite direction to get the ones you missed. I recommend you do this if you are trying to grow out your hair like me, but eventually you will have to make a trip to salon just not as often now. If you want to see a video tutorial on this, leave me a comment and I will make a video on my channel.


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  1. girly you do have to make a tutorial of this...It gets expensive going to the salon every 2-3mths for a trim :)